"soul-inspired take on shoegaze...invoking elements of funk, jazz, and rock. At times the songs can sound alternately like a cross between TV on the Radio and Hundred Waters, but the vibe is distinctly their own." -- Impose Magazine

"...radiant sound collages–woven together as distinct and sometimes opposing parts that careen and collide in brilliantly unconventional ways. -- Indie Current


"If free-jazz guru had written with nu-new-wavers the Dirty Projectors, it might come out sounding like Brooklyn's Throw Vision. The quartet explore new spaces in sound on their 2015 single "Were It Will," whose cool vocals  and glittery synths dominate one ear while darker guitar licks and jazz drums gradually destroy what's left of the chastened liberal imagination." -- The Deli Magazine NYC

THROW VISION entered the studio to record their debut album, In I, just months after forming in the Spring of 2012. with a sound undeniably “Throw Vision,” the quartet brought together diverse influences -- from Debussy to Here We Go Magic -- that were placed neatly atop soulful pulses of r&b and jazz.​ Trhrow vision was soon after deemed Deli Magazine’s NYC Artist of the Monthand an Artist to watch. 


since then the band has performed regularly throughout new york city and new england areas, opening for top indie acts like xenia rubinos, delicate steveTHEESatisfaction, Ava Luna and Nat Baldwin (Dirty  Projectors). they collaborated with director noah hutton for their music video for "hippocampus. and Singers Tiff O and Taja Cheek have recorded vocals for Matt & Kim's most recent national tour. Taja has recorded a track with Bruno coviello (Light Asylum) for his most recent "Bliscord" mixtape which premiered on Fader in the summer of 2014,


In april 2015 throw vision announced the release of their 7" single "were it will" featuring two new and exciting works. the single instantly gained recognition for it's ambitious sound and has become a marker in time for a new era of throw vision. they have been working on a new music video with art director antonia colodro due for release this summer.